Goals - MSFD


  1. Teaching, Training and Didactic Excellence
  2. Forensic Services
  3. Research
  4. Clandestine Grave & Crimes Scene Recovery of Dental Evidence
  1. Education, Training, and Didactic Excellence: Provide the postdoctoral students with a quality education integrating scientific-based knowledge and skills in the forensic sciences necessary to become competent
  2. forensic dental practitioners.
  3. Forensic Services: Provide comprehensive dental and anthropological services to the Knox County (Tennessee) Regional Forensic Center (Knoxville) and outside individuals, organizations, and agencies upon request.
  4. Research: Provide an environment that promotes and supports scholarly activity in forensic research.
  5. Clandestine Grave & Crime Scene Recovery of Dental Evidence: To expose and educate the forensic dentist how the anthropologist analyzes decomposed and skeletal and dental remains in clandestine and crime scene situations.  Special training involves discovery and archaeological excavation of skeletal and dental remains       followed by laboratory interpretation of perimortem ballistic, blunt and sharp-force injury.